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4 reviews for ANADROL

  1. BallinBaller

    Received the product quickly and smoothly. I can feel the results coming.

  2. dickstank

    Flash Anadrol is very strong! The muscle fullness and pump are unreal. I notice my sex drive us up and I lift like a beast in the gym.

  3. cdubw44

    Talk about strong flashes Anadrol gives you that extra kick you need to pump you up. Tried some sub Q and regular and both ways practically destroyed me. Added it to my bulk couple months ago only ran it for a couple weeks and I was amazing. Every product I get from Flash has been fantastic so far thanks guys

  4. donnels2

    flash anadrol is awesome was taking 50mg every morning and every night so 700mg a week while also taking sustanon 500mg weekly and eq 600mg weekly and test p 200mg weekly injectable doses were split in half and done twice a week. the pump from anadrol is unmatched compared to dbol only 2 orals i’ve tried. in 4 weeks i put on 32lbs with that stack i used the drol as a jump start. due to the water retaintion and bloat and due to eq being a slow starter. idea was to bulk up for the first month and then the next 3 try and get mostly lean gains. if you eat enough and put the time in the gym the gains with anadrol are amazing!!!!!

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