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16 reviews for HGH 100iU

  1. Devil Dog

    I have used Flash’s HGH exclusively for well over 3 years! I’ve gotten great results.

  2. JMan

    Any word on when the hgh will be back in stock?

    • FlashLabs

      7 days

  3. ionBTC

    Can I get an alert whence it’s back in stock?

    • FlashLabs

      140 iu will be in stock in one week

  4. dubledizzle

    Does it come with BAC?

    • FlashLabs

      No my friend

  5. stretch77

    any idea when will be back in stock?

    • FlashLabs

      3 weeks

  6. MRhancho

    Loved the hgh! Very clean lots of energy!

  7. Sean

    I have been using all your products for the past 2 1/2 years now . I’m an older body builder so to say I’ve tried many different brands would be an understatement. Price and quality are top freaking notch. I would love to try your HGH when do you think it will be in sock? And do you send out e-mail notices when it will be available? The

  8. tater34

    When will hgh be back in stock ? I just missed it by a day

    • FlashLabs

      1 week

  9. Mark

    Restock coming anytime soon?

    • FlashLabs

      4 weeks

  10. deepsauce

    Any news on restock

    • FlashLabs

      3-4 weeks

  11. jhende82

    When’s the restock coming?

    • FlashLabs

      we will have some in 10 days it will sell fast!!!

    • FlashLabs

      we will have some in 10 days

  12. Thunder

    This stuff must be fire!
    In hella demand

    • FlashLabs

      will have more in 2 days !!!

  13. The Rock

    When will this be back on the shelves?

  14. jstaccs

    How many weeks till this is back? Or the 140 iu?

  15. dknd007

    Any info on restock? Is there a back order list that’s possible to get on? Just don’t want to miss the next run thank you!

  16. medic75


    • FlashLabs

      We have 140 iu in stock now

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