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    I am taking Flashgear Masteron Enanthate right now. When I take it with testosterone, I don’t even need an anti-aromatase. It enhances sex drive as well.

  2. dickstank

    Flash masteron enanthate is super strong! It kicked in very quickly. Thins the skin fast. Gives a great precontest look. This was my first time using the long acting enanthate, and I was surprised how powerful it was.

  3. sahkmyfahk

    Powerful shit! Everything I’ve gotten from Flash is top notch! 100% recommend.

  4. cdubw44

    So I came off a bulk from Flash’s sust and deca, then cruised for a bit then decided to enter a 90 day Abs challenge. I was pretty thick for me during the bulk cause I lift for more sports(baseball) than bodybuilding. I weighed in at 230 Lbs and planned on running sust at 500 a week and Mast E at 400 a week for the cut. Started just dropping 300 cals from maintenance. Body fat seamed to fly off as I was in the 20’s Body fat % somewhere. No fat burners or tren in. At about 4 weeks in I was down to 210 but the cool thing was that my strength levels were still improving. Is this because my free test is higher cause of the Mast E? Possibly! Going to pull bloods next week at 6 weeks in and will post on asf. My “Look” to me is much improved even my wife thinks my slimmer look is sexy. Coming into this week i dropped down to 206 lbs, lowered cals and will be adding in other compounds. I keep thinking I am going to have to deal with loose skin but it continually tightens up – is this the Mast E, I believe it is, no other compound I have used does this( this could always be debated but I am going with it). Mast E from Flash maybe my new favorite addition due to the way I look and feel. This is just my experience with Mast E but to my brothers of Flash I do believe you will enjoy you progress with Mast E in your arsenal. But really who doesn’t like some Mast in the mix! As always Thanks Flash for the excellent service and product you provide!

  5. BigRedHulk

    Flash Mast E is the real deal. The anti E properties, as well as the skin tightening effects are impressive indeed. I run adex during every cycle but I can get away with taking half the amount of adex if mast E is included in my cycle. The only real androgenic side I personally experience with mast E is oily skin like a MF. Sucks, but hey, it comes with the territory. This product is very potent.. Great product Flash.

  6. SV (verified owner)

    Great master one enanthate. Hard vascular etc.., seem dosed right. Does it job!

  7. CL

    I made a lot of good gains running this alongside test e. My dick was wayyyy harder way more often too.

  8. AlldayEveryday

    Great product. I’m satisfied with the results so far.

  9. bigboomer5150

    Agree w everything your reading above. top notch masteron here guys…. every product is top notch so far. Zero complaints

  10. Hacks909

    Going on third week on Mast E, I’ve never used this compound but I’m very excited to see results. Maybe it’s just me or most likely Flash Masteron but I have to say my sex drive is off the roof already! Great product! Would definitely recommend.

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