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  1. Mdrol

    Love this compound… Added a clean 15 pounds on a 8 week blast at only 300 mgs a week… Everything is overdosed in my opinion and smooth as hell

  2. dickstank

    Great product! I made some real good strength gains, my joints felt better, and it worked very well on a low calorie diet.

  3. Lethalius

    I love combining this NPP with test propionate and anavar. The results are rapid strength, size, and vascularity. Flash products are outstanding and so is their customer service.

  4. moose

    Huge fan of NPP less water retention, joints feel great, and nice clean gains

  5. pure

    I love NPP because it makes the joints feel great and ups my strength, I am a strongman competitor and NPP is almost always in the stack when I compete. Flashes NPP is great because it goes in smooth and doesn’t cause any PIP which is a major plus considering NPP needs to be done EOD.

  6. NeuroRN

    Nice clean gains, no pip- it’s super smooth, no bloat, just good clean dry gains. Quality flash product.

  7. bbryan7419

    Great product. I did 200mg/week of test C and 350mg of npp/week for 14 weeks. I’m very happy w my results. I look forward to doing this cycle again in a few months.

  8. Logan48

    So far amazing only in week 2! 0 pip absolutely 100% satisfied

  9. moose (verified owner)

    Been running low dose NPP for awhile, and my body feels great, I like how you know what your getting and you know it’s accurately dosed, you can feel confident that your getting what you paid for.

  10. billmc6565 (verified owner)

    can i take equipoise and Nandrolone in same stick?

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