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8 reviews for OXANDROLONE

  1. pure

    Flashes superdrol is on another level, I underestimated its potency my first time trying it and ran it at 30mg per day, but that was too much and I had to lower the dose. Definitely not for the faint of heart

  2. EleikoTech

    My lady friend uses Flash’s 10mg Var with great success. For the longest time she kept it at 10mg a day and just recently we bumped it up to 20mg/day split at two capsules 12hrs apart. Right away she started getting complements on her physique from people everywhere at all different places all through the day, even her personal trainer is amazed and is constantly giving her complements on how she’s looking more ripped and hard. – Ranchhand

  3. RiverWarrior

    I just ordered this for my girlfriend. It is the only anabolic that I have seen work for women, without unwanted side effects. Flashgear is a source that has never let me down. These guys are professional and friendly.

  4. Monique

    As a female that would like to stay a female, I love this product! Safe yet effective at the right dose. I split the cap into 2 doses after I work up to this: 1/2 (5mg) in the morning and 1/2 (5mg) in the evening since the half life of Anavar is 8 hours. This has worked great for me.

  5. Pops

    One of the best compounds ever made. Expensive to produce so it’s important to have legitimate products. Flash has just that with their OXANDROLONE. I take 10mg 3x a day it’s not just for women. Super great compound and Flash has a great price tag on it.

    Keep it up guys

  6. cdubw44

    My wife is 1 month in and good god her strength is amazing. She used to not even be able to lift the bar. Now she is twirling the thing like a baton. No voice or lady parts changes so she could not be happier.

  7. Ketil Enger

    Anavar is super to use, and I must say flash use the right raw, not dianabol, turanabol thats cheaper to buy. Good quality guys!

  8. ApolloB

    Don’t let the price fool you. Good Anavar is expensive. Keeps me lean for months at a time at just 30mg a day. Always ready to rock and roll with Flash Labs 🔥🔥Easy to pin and painless. Smoothest gear. Period.

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