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7 reviews for OXANDROLONE 25mg

  1. Lethalius (verified owner)

    I have used this product extensively with test propionate and the combination is awesome for rapid size, strength and vascularity. I do not get any water retention or bloat either. It shreds me. Another favorite combo: Oxandrolone 25 mg ed, Test prop 75-100 mg eod, NPP 75-100 mg eod. Oxandrolone has less side effects than most other steroids (oral or injectable).

  2. Oldjuicer45

    It’s not easy getting real var…. I tried Flash Anavar at 25mg pre workout and ordered 3 more packs… I know Var and it is the real deal

  3. EleikoTech

    High quality Var, used at two capsules split through 24hrs for 50mg/day. Excellent results. – Ranchhand

  4. BigDigs234

    I don’t use Var very often but his stuff is the real deal. I stacked it with some test and tren and got some great results. It wasn’t for me as I don’t dabble with oral very much, but if you are someone who does you can’t go wrong with his.

  5. antonionhb

    I’ve been on 50mg/day split morning and evening and have noticed some pretty dramatic strength increase in week 4. I’m going to stay on for another 4 weeks and can’t wait to see more progress! Highly recommended

  6. m1r2r8 (verified owner)

    Flash’s Var is fire af! 75mg a day and the strength increases are unreal!

  7. Morethanenough

    This is my 3rd time doing Anavar. It is without a doubt the best by far! It was exciting to witness the vascularity and definition tie together so well. Big thumbs up!

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