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10 reviews for OXANDROLONE 25mg

  1. Lethalius (verified owner)

    I have used this product extensively with test propionate and the combination is awesome for rapid size, strength and vascularity. I do not get any water retention or bloat either. It shreds me. Another favorite combo: Oxandrolone 25 mg ed, Test prop 75-100 mg eod, NPP 75-100 mg eod. Oxandrolone has less side effects than most other steroids (oral or injectable).

  2. Oldjuicer45

    It’s not easy getting real var…. I tried Flash Anavar at 25mg pre workout and ordered 3 more packs… I know Var and it is the real deal

  3. EleikoTech

    High quality Var, used at two capsules split through 24hrs for 50mg/day. Excellent results. – Ranchhand

  4. BigDigs234

    I don’t use Var very often but his stuff is the real deal. I stacked it with some test and tren and got some great results. It wasn’t for me as I don’t dabble with oral very much, but if you are someone who does you can’t go wrong with his.

  5. antonionhb

    I’ve been on 50mg/day split morning and evening and have noticed some pretty dramatic strength increase in week 4. I’m going to stay on for another 4 weeks and can’t wait to see more progress! Highly recommended

  6. m1r2r8 (verified owner)

    Flash’s Var is fire af! 75mg a day and the strength increases are unreal!

  7. Morethanenough

    This is my 3rd time doing Anavar. It is without a doubt the best by far! It was exciting to witness the vascularity and definition tie together so well. Big thumbs up!

  8. yusuk99

    Anavar is one of my all time favorite compounds. I have used var from many different sources over the years and none compare in potency and authenticity to Flash’s. I’m running 75mg a day along with test and it’s almost too much. Noticed insane pumps in the gym from day 1. By the end of the first week recovery time is cut in half and strength is definitely getting a boost. I’m adding extra weight to every lift every week. Vascularity and hardness are killing it. Having a hard time working forearms because the pump is so insane. Can’t even close my hands after a few good sets of wrist curls. I know var isn’t respected during a bulk but at this dose with the right diet you can absolutely make great lean muscle gains that are there to stay long after the cycle. Flash Anavar gets an A++ for me.

  9. razorbak

    I have used var from several sources and when I tried flash var I noticed a more noticeable effects. A lot more vascularity and more fat loss around the mid section. My abs become more defined within two weeks of use with proper diet and workout routine. Flash has become my go to for var and I recommend them to anyone looking for good quality var. Also, Flash has got to have the best customer service around. Always there to answer questions in a timely manner and treat customers with respect. Ship time is unreal. My last package landed within 4 days of ordering and that includes Saturday and Sunday. Thanks for your service Flash team!!

  10. dickstank

    I’m just finishing up my first bag of FLASH LABS Anavar(oxandrolone)25mg. The pumps have been ridiculous! I’m very lean so the look this anavar has given me is extreme striations and vascularity. I love stacking 25mg to 50mg Anavar with 20mg Cialis about an hour preworkout for a killer workout!

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