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5 reviews for PROVIRON

  1. EleikoTech

    I like using Flash’s Provi for when there is a need to control estrogen a little bit. I used to use AI’s more than I should have but I know better now. Plus, I like the SHBG control Provi provides allowing for the Test base to get used more efficiently. – Ranchhand

  2. RiverWarrior

    I just ordered more of the proviron. I like the effect it has in my physique. I look harder on it when I am using HRT dosages. Very noticeable!

  3. bigboomer5150 (verified owner)

    Best Proviron I’ve taken hands down…..Great feeling, really get that quality look and hardness, not too mention combined w test I’m getting full potential and more. And the stuff makes you a porn star lol

  4. Wolverine63

    I’ve done a lot of proviron and you can just tell when it’s legit or strong proviron. This made my muscles pop and harder and made my sex drive fly back. Beat proviron I’ve ever used.

  5. ejr12d

    When will this be back in stock? Used it once last year to finish up a cycle and what a difference it made. Great sense of well being and definitely made me drier. And sex drive through the roof! A+ on flash’s proviron

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