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  1. razziedazzie01

    I had my doubts at first, but the quality products here are equal to all those big brand names that want twice the price. After one cycle, my max out on bench increased 85%. If you have doubt, put your mind at ease.

  2. pure

    Test is the base of every cycle, test E is my go to for when I‘m running my cycle. Flashes test Is always on point and goes in smooth just as all their injectables do.

  3. EleikoTech

    Flash’s Test E is an excellent base to any cycle and as smooth as can be, plus I like the fact that it’s 250mg over your standard 200mg – Ranchhand

  4. BigDigs234

    Great product. Never have had an issue and have always seen good results. I’ve been with his products since my beginning in this arena and I wouldn’t think about changing.

  5. dickstank

    The new batch of test enan is smooth as butter. No PIP at all.

  6. dirtnasty79

    Did first shot with this test e on Thursday and it was like nothing was even going in. Can’t wait to try all the other goodies I’ve gotten from flash this past year

  7. flbedevil

    I prefer Cyp, but reliability etc. out of Flash means I’ll run something new each order/sale. I’ve run several as a TRT base with E and Cyp from Flash; no complaints. “Test is test” is BS if it’s a bad source.

  8. Stampede

    Nice consistent product at a killer price. Use this while running other product such as deca during a bulk or maybe tren during a cut. Very smooth injection. Good results in training, strength, libido, etc. My go to

  9. kidchicago (verified owner)

    Flash is the real deal, I pair this with deca and the 140iu hgh kit and its rocket fuel, been lifting for 20+ years and hes the most legit seller I have come across, fast shipping, always legit gear and runs sick sales. MY tip: switch that up and lose the deca and add tren and mast for a cycle and lean TF out.

  10. Anabisi

    Phenomenal inhad my doubts changing over from Cyp to Enanhate but this decision enabled advancement in my evolution in body transformation. It is now a staple to the products i utilIze with Flash.

  11. Corndogjon

    Customer service was on point. Thanks for helping me with my purchase. Solid product! In my opinion, this is great for a beginner like myself. Noticible increase in strength; nothing too crazy. You got yourself another customer! Thanks!

  12. x1x2x3x4x5

    I went from 160lb to 178lb in 4 months of being on it.

  13. Jeditrainer

    very smooth to inject, well dosed, highly recommend.

  14. thahulk

    Some of the best. Smooth

  15. ApolloB

    Favorite testosterone and I’ll run it around 500mg a week on a cruise and 750mg on a blast. Feel good 24/7 365. Thanks Flash love this test! Oh and my dick stays hard all the time ??

  16. CL

    I’ve been steadily using Flash’s Test E for a long while now. Test levels are always high on labs. Great product and very reliable.

  17. TrippleB

    This is hands down the best test I have taken. I am so happy with the quality of this product! 600mg per week and my T levels are up 1600 ng/dL. Ill be a life long customer! Thanks Flash!

  18. Jusblair17 (verified owner)

    Customer service was great. This is my first order through flash and looking to become a loyal customer!

  19. AlldayEveryday

    Another great product. Satisfied with customer service as well as the gear. Smooth injection and pip minimal.

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