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  1. Oldjuicer45

    I’m one of those guys who can’t pin prop… Massive pip every time… A friend told me to try Flash on my next order and I’ve been running it since… Smooth… Like all of there oils… Almost like water in a slin pin!
    And instant wood makes the wife happy

  2. EleikoTech

    Flash’s Test Prop is my #1 oil that I use. It’s truly my base almost year round, I’ve used so much of Flash’s Test – P I couldn’t even come close to figuring out how much I’ve used LOL. Super smooth with no PIP and less water retention with no oily skin, love it! I always look good and feel good on Flash’s Test- P whether I’m using it by itself or in combination with other products. – Ranchhand

  3. neurorn

    Quality product here. I believe he doses higher than the label, a little went a long way for me. No PIP, smooth clean gains. So far this is the Wife’s favorite test P as well.

  4. Not applicable

    Flash sent me a free test prop and this stuff is fire, no pip, quality product. Nice pump while working out. Received super fast.

  5. dickstank

    Real good product! Kicks in fast and makes me strong! I love Flash test prop during contest prep!

  6. bigtguido

    Just as the Test Cyp is amazing, the prop, well, the prop might even be more amazing… here is why… producing strong prop, without bad pip, is extremely hard to achieve… and, in my twenty years of experience, flash is one of two labels that has achieved this in 20 years! The stuff is fire, will have you horny AF in 18hrs, and spitting fire in 24. Use this prop to kickstart my cyp cycles. I will never buy test from anywhere but FLASH, finally after a decade of garbage, I’ve found a quality, and consistent label!

  7. cdubw44

    Just ran a quick little 6 week with prop tren a and mast p. Excellent gains, no big issues just a good clean product. Pulled blood work on asf. Thanks Flash

  8. maradona

    Im been using flash trem, test, mast, wins, cialis 😂 damn this brand is something else , price vs quality : the best i had ever used, recommend 100 percent

  9. charles bacon

    absolutly fantastc test prop , no question that flash is a master at brewing. draw through a 25 guage then backfill a 30 guage slin pin for painless delt shots. give them a try you will never look back

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