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  1. dickstank

    This was my first run with tren enan. I usually stick to tren ace but didn’t want to inject that often. At 200mg per week I lost a ton of body fat. The transition was unreal! This is an extremely potent product!

  2. Juiceman

    Really awesome trend best and smoothest I’ve done that’s why I’ve been with this lab for 6 years and running and never been disappointed with any of their products and always been right on time

  3. EleikoTech

    Excellent product, super smooth and just as potent as Flash’s Tren Ace for those long runs. – Ranchhand

  4. zachsnlisaspack

    Extremely solid product…. This stuff is inconceivabley stronger then the competitions.. Hands down the best trenE I’ve taken to date

  5. Lathe Crasher

    Flash offered up some free gear for honest reviews. I received 2 Tren E vials very quickly. Product looks great, not overly oxidized and a clean presentation. It was well packed and padded. I’m currently running cyp and tren e so I skipped my normal pin day yesterday as I was waiting for this guy to land. I’ll run both vials at 1ml mon/thurs for a gram of test and 400 tren. First pin was just a moment ago. The carrier is a blend I’m not used to but it drew up well and pushed through a 25g quite fast. I hit my left delt and was relieved at how well it flowed, delt are sensitive lately… anyhow thanks Flash.

  6. kize777

    So I have been using flash tren now for 9 weeks. It’s by far the best I got my hands on. I have used Flash test E test P mast P deca and Hgh never once have I gotten anything that would make me question if it’s dosed right. It’s top of the line gear. No pain goes in smooth. Thanks Flash for always looking out for safety and putting out the best gear I’ve had.


    Flashgear Tren Enanthate is the best drug I have used. I immediately get comments in my physique when I use it. I get bigger, leaner and stronger. Seriously, I can eat pretty much whatever I want and I stay lean on tren Enanthate if it is real. I don’t have to worry about that with this company. All their products are real.

  8. Firemike36

    Very potent product. Doesn’t cause problems at the injection site like other Tren that I’ve used over the years, no bruising or severe soreness there. Not too mention getting super lean on it also.

  9. Anabisi

    2 words BEAST MODE..
    Amazing this product will give your a harden phisique that will make you feel like you are made out of Titanium. The results well. The compliments will shower you as long as this tool os utilized while training in the gym..but wow. THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER.. amazing quality. You will be amazed as Flash brings the buisness

  10. flbedevil

    Using this product on a contest prep under 200 mg a week. Initial pins prior to full cut to gage reactions and enter in while fully on board. Mxn cals, no amazing changes in training plan, +5 lbs lean in 3 weeks (monitoring mean weight, everything else dialed in). Few more weeks in and LBM is steady under 10%. Very pleased with my results. No pip, easy flow, golden little game changer.

  11. SV

    Hits hard and keeps on kicking(as it should); long after stopping.

  12. ApolloB

    If you want stable bloods and some fire Tren E try this. Flash has it down. Minimal neg sides and some kick ass growth. Keep ‘em coming Flash!

    • FlashLabs

      Thanks for the kind words

  13. badboy1877 (verified owner)

    Great product keeps me lean and tight everything I got from flash has been great!!!

    • FlashLabs

      TY my friend!

  14. RoosterNPC

    This will make you wanna smack everybody. Thats ok, but dont follow through. Its on point!

  15. Francesco Wierman

    I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely liked reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the tips coming. I enjoyed it!

  16. Rageout (verified owner)

    Great product injects smooth! Putting on lean weight and I’m getting stronger. Definitely the best tren enth I’ve came across

  17. AlldayEveryday

    Awesome Tren . My first experience with another lab almost made me not try again. However, after using flash products I am grateful that I did. Dosed correctly and powerful asf. “Minimal sides Maximum Gains”.

  18. Nick C.

    250 sus 200 tren e. 10 weeks. Pinned 1x a week. People swear up and down to go higher. Fuck that, this was perfect. I felt great 24/7. No rage, just confidence. My phone was filled with titties. Dreams were wild in the beginning. Id pin Friday or Saturday morning to avoid the trensom.

    Honestly the biggest negative about tren is clothing. 5 weeks in and not one single shirt fit. Mediums went from tight to fucking obnoxiously tight. If it didn’t stretch I couldn’t wear it. The level of horniness was soo much fun. Id freeball the tightest pants and shirts I own and I knew that I looked great going out. Women seemingly couldn’t avoid interacting with me. They can smell the tren. I loved this cycle soo much I’m considering 20 weeks and maybe adding clen, thats it. Vascularity was wild. I honestly fell in love. My mood was nearly always positive. 10/10. Flash labs is fucking awesome.

  19. bjordan22

    Hands down the best tren I have ever used. Flash labs is where it’s at.

  20. iamgabewaterman

    Flash’s Tren E is phenomenal. Stayed tight, lean and vascular throughout my entire massing cycle. Noticed the effects even from the low starting dose of 200 per week and titrate up from there and must say I really enjoyed it. Lean dry muscle gains with crazy strength increases!

  21. jetspeedx

    Flash’s Test-E250 is on point!!
    Zero pip. 3wks using this product & its workings flawless.
    I was skeptical at first Ordering! but I’m hella mthr fking glad I did. Fast ship, Great Communication, 110% satisfied with this lab.

  22. Creed0428 (verified owner)

    If I could rate this tren higher than 5/5 I would it is simply the best I have used and I have used a lot of tren over the years. Strength is at an all time high, and zero pain after. Thanks Flash!

    • FlashLabs

      Thank you brother!!

  23. Seager831

    As always. Flash does it again. Some of the best Tren E- I have ever ran. Everything from Flash is always G2G.

  24. bimzdp92

    Just placed my first order with Flash last weekend and received my pack today! Ordered Test E, Tren E, and Cialis. I can’t comment on the effectiveness as I will hit my first jab this weekend (all other reviews are raving about quality so I’m a bit excited lol), but I can say that all 3 products look great. Shipping was fast, and packaging was nice and secure.

    Excited to get things started, thank you Flash!

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