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6 reviews for WINSTROL

  1. zachsnlisaspack

    Potent little capsules.. I swear it’s stronger than 25mgs.. Had incredible results.. I gained lean clean muscle and never felt stronger..

  2. dickstank

    Flash winstrol got me very lean and hard off only one capsule a day for 50 days. This stuff gives a great precontest look.

  3. Anabisi

    Phenomenal…this product is a must have for a lean chizzled physique. With time in the gym and synchronize with the other Flash products this 25 mg of amazing will give you the look and the physique you are looking to aquire. STOP..DO NOT PASS GO .This is the brand of champions.

  4. Wolverine63 (verified owner)

    Like all Flash products it seems overdosed if anything. I loved this stuff as it made me hard as a rock and strength went up. Now if you have any joint issues simply go to the 25mg anavar. The winny and the anavar are my two favorites when it comes to orals.

  5. bigtguido

    This last order, I split the order with two of my long time friends and fellow veteran PED users… They both purchased the Winstrol, and as always, I checked in with them the other day, to see how they liked the Win 25mg from FLASH… The answer was unanimous….. they LOVE it! I will personally be trying the Flash Anadrol 50 soon, and after their raving about the effectiveness of this winstrol, and my overly positive experience with almost every FLASH liquid they produce (there are a couple I still haven’t tried.) I am really excited! I personally only use WIN Solution, but I am positive I will be getting more of these for my two friends!!

  6. sb8578

    I’m always a little skeptical with orals. This stuff is legit. I get a mean pump and lots of extra energy. Definitely recommend

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